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8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing in 2024

Digital marketing is highly capable of skyrocketing your business’ performance.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. With the various technological advances and cyber transformations that have taken place, the world today seems to be turning in a very different direction from before. Various aspects have received a touch of digitization, forcing everything to become more concise, fast, and accessible. The concepts of ‘waiting ’, ‘complexity’, and ‘untouchable’ are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

It doesn’t just stop there; along with this speed, the digital market share is also growing drastically. Everyone in different parts of the world can access the internet from their fingertips, no matter their background. That’s why this industry has become very demanding and so popular.

This momentum does not seem to want to be missed by business enthusiasts. With billions of pairs of eyes glued to digital screens daily, this can be a very strategic marketing tool – a practice often referred to as ‘digital marketing’. This practice has also become the backbone of today’s business cycle.

Many business enthusiasts are starting to move on to such types of contemporary marketing. Seeing the high interest of the audience, of course, this discussion about marketing becomes very relevant.

Based on this, this discussion will explain why digital marketing practices are so important, especially digital marketing Malaysia. For this reason, here we will describe several reasons, which will be broken down into several points regarding the importance of digital marketing in 2024. All of this will be discussed in the discussion article entitled “8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing in 2024”.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

The discussion begins with the reasons why digital marketing is essential today. In this section, eight points will be presented. By knowing these reasons, it is hoped that digital marketing activities can always be in line with the purpose for which this practice is needed. So here is the presentation.

  • Brand awareness. It is the main reason for this practice. Digital marketing can increase brand awareness, both for the business as a whole and for certain products specifically. By using today’s marketing practices, efforts to increase brand awareness can be carried out effectively and get more significant results.
  • Specific target. The application of marketing through digital mode can also be chosen because of its accurate market targeting capabilities. Business enthusiasts can precisely target the market share they want to target. For example, digital marketing Malaysia practice will only target Malaysia’s demographic share exclusively.
  • Cost-effective. The mode of marketing using a digital platform will also provide more significant cost-effectiveness. Businesses only pay a one-time fee for digital marketing content that lasts forever. Not only that, copyright owned by business enthusiasts can provide an opportunity to duplicate the relevant marketing content as much as possible.
  • More open to competing. In contrast to the many existing marketing platforms, digital marketing can provide competitive opportunities that are very open to all types of brands with different levels of significance. Various new products from startup companies have the same advertising opportunities as well-known companies through their legendary products.
  • Easy to be measured. It should be noted that the basis of digital marketing practice itself is based on traffic calculations. Such a basis for digital marketing Malaysia will make it easier for business enthusiasts to measure marketing practices’ level of success. Business enthusiasts can measure it based on the amount of traffic they get.
  • Adaptable. This form of marketing also has characteristics that are so adaptive and flexible. Business enthusiasts do not need to worry about changes in the market and marketing modes that occur spontaneously or suddenly. Digital marketing can flexibly follow market dynamics that are so volatile.
  • Holistic demography. Although digital marketing can be targeted at a specific market share, this mode of marketing can also be used to reach a more comprehensive demographic. This marketing model can penetrate various wider layers of demographic without exception.
  • Give high-quality lead. Digital marketing can bring quality leads to the front door of business enthusiasts. Qualified leads have a high potential to become customers. Not only that, they don’t need to worry about the complicated lead conversion process scheme – everything happens naturally with the help of digital marketing.

How Does Digital Marketing Help B2B and B2C Business?

The digital marketing Malaysia scheme itself consists of several parts, which can holistically help B2B and B2C businesses further develop their businesses. This scheme can later be explicitly allocated to B2B and B2C. It also sees that B2B and B2C have distinctive target market characteristics. The following is an explanation of the schemes owned by digital marketing so that later it can provide an idea of how this practice can help both types of businesses.

  • Provide organic traffic. Not only providing traffic, but digital marketing Malaysia also provides organic traffic. It means that the traffic that comes is an audience that has the potential to become a customer and not just an algorithm generated by a bot. It will help various B2C businesses to reach potential buyers and increase profits.
  • On- & Off-page strategy. Marketing efforts carried out on a digital basis are focused on portals owned by business enthusiasts and various platforms commonly used in the industry. As a result, the leads obtained also become more comprehensive. This will not limit brand awareness to the customer level only but also include other business enthusiasts – good for various B2B businesses.

How Crucial is Digital Marketing Today?

As explained above, today’s digital marketing in Malaysia is becoming increasingly essential given the popularity of digital platforms. Thanks to the smartphone industry, which has made it easier for anyone to access contemporary forms of technology and led the human era to a much more modern form.

People nowadays spend more of their time with the various digital devices they have. Whether it’s just scrolling on social media feeds or following the content that appears on FYP. Either way, it can be very time-consuming and attention-grabbing.

Of course, this phenomenon needs to be used by business enthusiasts as an effective marketing medium for marketing their products and brands. This momentum can be crucial given the current state of the market, which is so uncertain and volatile – it is not surprising that a startup can turn into a unicorn, or even a decacorn, in just a relatively short period of time. One of these can be achieved with the help of digital marketing.

What Are the Challenges?

But in reality, doing marketing digitally is not as easy as the things that have been described above. There are several fundamental challenges commonly encountered in digital marketing Malaysia practices. It needs to be explained so that later in practice, these various challenges can be overcome and do not become an obstacle:

  • Complex. To be able to get an optimal digital marketing result, it is necessary to fulfill various aspects that are so complex and multidimensional. This usually requires the help of a support team consisting of several professionals, as well as very sophisticated support technology – making it not simple.
  • High cost. With the need for a team to be able to get the desired results, doing digital marketing Malaysia might require a lot of money depending on the brand’s needs. These various professionals and advanced technology require maintenance costs so that they can continue.
  • Unbalanced supply and demand. Because this practice has become the pinnacle of marketing today, many parties are also competing to optimize their digital marketing efforts. That’s why the resources needed are very thin, both from professional staff and other supporting aspects.

Seeing these challenges, maybe business enthusiasts will think twice about doing digital marketing Malaysia. However, it shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we are here to offer a variety of services and products that we have.

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