Facebook advertising is one of the important marketing strategies for a business. Facebook ads is seemed as simple and easy, but the actual strategies need further sophisticated marketing strategy apply on business plan. The traffic on the facebook is undoubtedly broad and wide as you known, and business have to promote their advertisement to their target audiences. The highest level of quality Facebook advertisement will bring your business become more visible on the platform in order to compete with your rivals.

Fovty Tech guarantee that our marketing specialists will satisfy your needs on your facebook advertisement listed. Our marketing specialist will help you to take care of your Facebook’s Business Manager account in order to maintain and raise your business at the high peak. More specifically, Fovty Tech marketing specialist will provide a well-prepared insight plan for clients before running the advertisement on Facebook platform. In addition, our specialists will analyse your monthly report and perform to our clients in order to ensure client’s facebook campaign will perform the extraordinary outcome for their business.


Instagram has become an extremely important platform for marketing and advertising purpose today. According to research report that Instagram had approximately 800 million active users today. Without any doubt, if you want to increase your brand awareness, Instagram is a pivotal platform for you to raise your business awareness. Importantly, if you have the right marketing strategies on Instagram advertisements, you will definitely play a significant role in order to compete with your rivals.

Fovty Tech has a group of digital marketing specialist that able to help our clients on running their Instagram advertising campaign. Our marketing experts will use their knowledge in order to build your brand awareness, brand exposure, website traffic, and contents towards your advertisement campaign. Most importantly, we will try our best to bring out the best outcome for your marketing campaign and lead your brand into conversions.