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Grow Your Business in Malaysia with Effective SEO

Our SEO Strategy Help Local Businesses Win In Google SERPs.


How we grow your SEO ?

  • Drive Organic Traffic

    Our SEO strategy will drive organic traffic to all customers’ portal businesses. It means that all the traffic is the real willing people who have the opportunity to become potential patrons (not generated by the bot or fake traffic). In this way, customers’ businesses will gain more goer and profits.
  • Long-Lasting Marketing Results
    The customers will also find the results of our SEO strategy as long-lasting marketing results. Customers can save even more on advertising costs because they only need to spend one time to have content that lasts forever.
  • Invite Quality Leads
    We guarantee a form of leads that have high quality as a result of the strategy we implement on customers’ business portals. It will save customers time and effort by providing effective and efficient marketing efforts.

how does our SEO malaysia strategy help you to success ?

There are several steps within our strategy in conducting the SEO services for our customers as a local SEO Malaysia company. Customers need to understand these steps so that our performance can be continuously monitored and get reasonable control:

  • Intensive SEO Audit
    Our efforts in doing SEO analysis to determine the search engine result page (SERP) are maxed out: more than 100%. It will let all the customers’ business portals stay on the first page.
  • Intensive-SEO-Audit
  • Advanced Keyword Research and Optimization
    We bring together the professionals from every corner to assemble the A-Team responsible for researching the highest potential ratio of golden keywords. We will make sure every single one of them will support the customers’ business within the local context.
  • seo-keyword-research
  • On-Page/Off-Page Strategy
    We also use both ways of on- and off-page SEO strategies to ensure the concentrated intensification of SEO effectiveness: enhancing the customers’ business website(s), fixing error(s), and also generating excellent SEO/user-friendly content(s).
  • seo-on-page-checker
  • Quality Link Building
    We also find good moderation in laying backlinks as one of the critical aspects of SEO. This step can increase the organic traffic of customers’ business portals in not specific but more holistic ways.
  • quality-link-building

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Malaysia SEO partner ?

Hundreds of Malaysian businesses, including yours, trust Fovty Tech's digital marketing services. The most professional search engine optimization company in Southeast Asia. Our SEO services will increase your company's exposure and bring in more clients than ever before. Furthermore, our SEO solutions are customised to achieve the greatest results for you, regardless of the size of your company or the sector you're in.

  • In Depth SEO Analysis
    We assure you that we will give even 120% of our efforts to enhance the performance of our customers’ business portal so as stands out in SERPs.
  • Effective SEO Strategy
    Those strategies above will be applied specifically on a regular basis until our services comply with the customers’ demands.
  • Monthly SEO Reports
    To allow transparency, we will give a full brief of the SEO development in the form of monthly reports.

FAQ - SEO in malaysia

What Is SEO ?

SEO or search engine optimization is a measure of maximizing a website’s algorithm so that it has a better chance of being prioritized by the search engine. When the right keyword is searched, a website with the best SEO will appear on the top search of the first page of search engine results.

What Is On-Page SEO ?

It refers to SEO elements and approaches focused on optimizing the aspects inside the website, e.g., SEO-friendly content, the use of meta description, the website’s construction, etc.

What Is Off-Page SEO ?

Off-page SEO refers to SEO variables and methods that are aimed at improving the aspects outside the website by marketing it on the internet. For example, social media marketing, blog support, etc.

What Is Technical SEO ?

The practice of ensuring that a website algorithm fits the technical standards of modern search engines for the purpose of increasing organic ranks is known as technical SEO. The existence of a website’s sitemap is one example of it.

Is SEO Important For Business?

Nowadays, brands and businesses rely on digital activities to be able to get consumer awareness. As long as they rely on this method, SEO’s existence is crucial and the most effective method so far.

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