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"75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they need when searching online."

What is Paid Search (PPC) ?

Paid search is a type of digital marketing strategy where web crawlers, for example, Google and Bing permit promoters to show advertisements on their web crawler results pages (SERPs). Paid search takes a shot at compensation for every snap model, which means you do precisely that – until somebody clicks on your promotion, you don't pay.

Types of Paid Search Advertising

Fovty Tech as a digital marketing agency in Malaysia have a list of strategies prepared to assist your business in terms of paid search marketing and to provide a thorough review on your campaigns.

  • Google Search Ads
    Google AdWords (Google Ads) will grow your business by providing your business with the means by showing up at the top positions or first page at Google’s search results page via a paid channel with Google. Google AdWords can help your business and brand become exposed on the search engine page results. In addition, Google Ads will increase your brand awareness, online visibility, and also give rise to Return of Investment (ROI) and sales. Google AdWords allows both big and small businesses to advertise to their potential customers.
  • Mobile Ads
    Mobile advertisement marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies, aiming at reaching the right target audiences on their mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices through SMS, MMS, applications, email, website, and social media. As known, there are a huge amount of people who own mobile phones today, therefore mobile advertisement is undoubtedly important for a business in order to engage with their potential customers. More specifically, the target audiences are able to view your advertisement from their mobile phone, then they will be more likely to engage with your brand. It is very important for marketers to provide personalized advertisements to the right target audiences via SMS or MMS.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
    Facebook and Instagram Ads are one of the most important platforms and marketing strategies for every business. They seemed simple and easy, but the actual strategies need further sophisticated marketing strategies to apply on business plans. The traffic on Facebook and Instagram is undoubtedly broad and wide as you know, and businesses have to promote their advertisements to their target audiences.

How can Fovty Tech help you in Paid Search ?

We have a group of digital marketing specialists that are able to help our clients on running their paid search advertising campaigns. Our marketing experts will use their knowledge in order to build your brand awareness, brand exposure, website traffic, and contents towards your advertisement campaign. Most importantly, we will try our best to bring out the best outcome for your marketing campaign and lead your brand into conversions.

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